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Step into the next dimension of cannabis consumption with cannabis concentrates. These potent forms, carefully curated by Market 96, embody the heart and essence of the cannabis plant, delivering a concentrated burst of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.


As the cannabis culture in the Chicagoland region thrives, the demand for these refined products continues to grow, pushing the boundaries of traditional cannabis use.

We are proud to curate concentrates from the most reputable brands in the cannabis industry. All of our U.S.A.-made concentrates are vetted for the highest quality and consumer safety.

Why Choose Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are often considered a “next level” experience compared to smoking flower or vaping. Some unique aspects of consuming concentrates include: 

  • Highly Potent Experience: The allure of concentrates often lies in their potency. Delivering up to five times the strength of traditional flower, they promise an intensified experience that resonates deeply with seasoned enthusiasts. Whether you seek powerful therapeutic effects or an elevated recreational session, concentrates deliver with precision.
  • Precision in Dosing: One of the standout benefits of cannabis concentrates is the ability to dose accurately. With every drop or dab, you know exactly how much you're consuming, allowing for a controlled and consistent experience. It's this precision that has won over many, making it a go-to choice for those who value consistency.
  • Versatile Consumption Methods: With concentrates, you're never confined to a single mode of consumption. Whether you're a fan of dabbing, vaping, or even adding a dash to your culinary creations, there's a method that aligns with your preferences.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

  • Live Resin: This premium concentrate is a testament to the wonders of modern extraction techniques. By using freshly harvested and immediately flash-frozen cannabis plants, live resin captures a flavor and aroma profile that's as close to the living plant as possible. The result? An explosive taste and scent that's truly unmatched.
  • Rosin (Live Rosin): Pure, untainted, and incredibly potent, rosin stands out as a solventless concentrate. Its sap-like consistency is achieved by exerting heat and pressure on cannabis flowers. Without the use of solvents, you're ensured a product that's as natural as it can get.
  • Shatter (THC Shatter): Its name echoes its nature. Shatter is a concentrate with a glass-like consistency that, as the name suggests, shatters easily. Its translucent amber or golden hue is not only visually appealing but also indicative of its purity and quality.
  • Budder/Badder: Imagine the aroma of cannabis amplified manifold. That's what budder or badder brings to the table. Its texture ranges from that of soft butter to thick cake batter, making it both a delight to smell and consume.
  • Crumble: For those who prefer a less sticky experience, crumble serves as an ideal option. With a consistency reminiscent of feta cheese, it's easy to break apart and consume.
  • Oil: The versatility of cannabis oil is truly impressive. Its thick consistency can be adjusted between solid and liquid, making it a popular choice for vape pens or cartridges. Additionally, its adaptability means it can be seamlessly incorporated into foods or beverages.
  • Other Concentrates: The world of concentrates doesn't end here. At Market 96, we're proud to offer an extended range, including diamonds, sauce, and sugar concentrates, further expanding the horizon of choices for our customers.

How to Use Cannabis Concentrates

Start by choosing your preferred consumption method. Your concentrate type often dictates the best consumption method. Whether you’re dabbing shatter or vaping oil, ensure you’re equipped with the right tools. A budtender at your local dispensary can also recommend options that can best suit your preferences. 

As you begin consuming concentrates, start small. Due to the high potency, use a minuscule amount and gradually adjust as you become familiar with the consumption process, your natural tolerance, and its effects. 

When not consuming concentrates, keep them fresh by storing them in a cool, dark environment in a sealed container. This will help to prevent degradation and maintain its potency. Also, keep out of reach from children and pets. 

Safety Disclaimer: Always ensure you're in a safe environment when consuming cannabis concentrates. Refrain from operating vehicles, machinery, or any activity demanding focus. Store away from children and pets, and always consult with a healthcare professional if you're on medication or have existing health concerns.

Find Your Favorite Concentrate at Market 96

At Market 96, we take pride in serving the Chicagoland community with unparalleled quality. Dive into the diverse world of cannabis concentrates with us and redefine your cannabis journey. Whether you're an aficionado or a curious newcomer, our range promises something for everyone.

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