Cannabis Benefits

Nature’s gift tailored to
support your well-being

Are you exploring cannabis for the first time or is it part of your regular routine?

Our knowledgeable advisors at Market 96 are here to answer your questions about the benefits of different cannabis offerings, help you make a selection and to support you in your cannabis journey.

The beauty of cannabis is its versatility and range of potential benefits. It is a natural plant which has been used to help increase well-being for thousands of years.

Cannabis has properties to help you relax, manage pain, find stress and anxiety relief, sleep better, enjoy social connections, and boost your focus and creativity.



Ready to unwind

Lighten up your days and relax with the right cannabis product. Experience a sense of calm as you unwind. To select the product to help you, consider strain, with Indica or Hybrid providing soothing and relaxing properties, dosage, your individual physiology, and planned consumption method. Discover what works best for you to embrace tranquility.

Pain Management

Help ease the pain

Explore a natural path with therapeutic benefits. The solution crafted to fit your needs can offer properties to help manage pain, bring some relief from discomfort, support mobility, and enhance overall quality of life especially for chronic conditions. Consult with our advisors to find the right mix of THC, which has been found to have properties to relieve pain, CBD to help modulate pain perceptions, and terpenes to interact with pain receptors to offer potential pain relief.

Stress & Anxiety Relief

A more peaceful state of mind

Life can be overwhelming. Practice self-care. Cannabis offers a potential path for natural relief for stress and anxiety. Release tension and regulate responses to stress through exploring the potential soothing effects of cannabis for the mind and body. Explore a product mixed with terpenes with sedating, mood-enhancing effects to offer potential relief for stress and anxiety and a more peaceful state of mind.

Sleep Quality

Restful and rejuvenating sleep

Are you having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Enhance sleep quality by calming the mind and body with cannabis for a more restful night’s sleep.

Social Enjoyment

Make the most of the moment

Gathering with friends or enjoying good food and music, find a cannabis choice to fit your lifestyle. Increase connections with others, enhance experiences, relax in social situations, and promote laughter. Have fun exploring the possibilities with the variety of products and ways to consume. Embed cannabis in a way that works for you to make your moments matter.


In the zone

Do you ever feel scattered? Explore cannabis strains with calming and clarifying properties to help put you in the zone. Ask our advisors to suggest the right combination that has potential effects to help enhance focus and concentration and support memory retention and alertness.


Spark your imagination

Boost your creativity, shift perspectives, and release inhibitions to get the thoughts flowing. Spark your imagination to find new pathways of expression. Our advisors look forward to talking about what makes you most creative and to help find a blend that sparks your creative energy.