Collaboration with Roger J. Carter: A Tribute to Ida B. Wells

June 6, 2024

Market 96's Collaboration with Roger J. Carter: A Tribute to Ida B. Wells

We are thrilled to announce a special collaboration between Market 96 and the renowned artist Roger J. Carter for our new dispensary in Chicago. Located at 527 S. Wells Street, on the corner of Ida B. Wells Drive, our new dispensary is not only a place for community gathering but also a tribute to the influential figures who inspire us. This partnership symbolizes our commitment to celebrating influential figures and supporting local artists.

About Roger J. Carter

Roger J. Carter is an acclaimed artist known for his powerful social commentary and evocative art. His work often explores themes of history, identity, and justice, making him a significant voice in contemporary art. Featured in the New Yorker, Carter’s art highlights Black historical figures and revolutionary leaders, aligning perfectly with Market 96’s mission to honor and uplift the community.


For more about Roger J. Carter, visit his website and check out his feature in the New Yorker.


The Portrait of Ida B. Wells

Carter has created a stunning portrait of Ida B. Wells, a trailblazing journalist, educator, and early leader in the civil rights movement. Installed at our new Chicago dispensary at 527 S. Wells Street (on the corner of Ida B. Wells Drive and S. Wells St.), this piece not only beautifies our space but also serves as a powerful reminder of Wells' contributions to justice and equality. Ida B. Wells represents the values of courage, resilience, and advocacy that are at the heart of Market 96’s mission.

The Blounts & Moore Story

Market 96 is proud to be part of Blounts & Moore, a venture founded by a group of accomplished Black women on Kiawah Island, South Carolina, in April 2019. Inspired by discussions on economic empowerment, health and wellness, and community service, the founders ventured into the cannabis industry to create opportunities and promote social equity.


Building Community and Connection

At Market 96, we strive to create a welcoming space where everyone feels valued and included. By showcasing Roger J. Carter’s portrait of Ida B. Wells, we aim to celebrate the legacy of a remarkable leader and inspire our community to continue the fight for justice and equality.

We invite you to visit our new dispensary in Chicago to experience Roger J. Carter’s stunning portrait of Ida B. Wells and support a Black-owned business dedicated to promoting social equity and community empowerment. Your presence and support make a difference in our ongoing mission to create a just and inclusive cannabis industry.


Stay tuned for more updates on our grand opening, and join us in celebrating art, history, and community at Market 96.

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